WordPress – Confuses me…!!!???

It has been three days since I made my account on wordpress to blog on it. But it feels to me like it is like an onion… You don’t know how many layers lie beneath until you cut it open – And unluckily, i am still on the first peel.

Firstly, whenever you visit a site, you try for a “.com” , until you are sure of something else… But yesterday I came to know that their is another site existent i.e. “wordpress.org”… and I was like “Where am I and where am I leading to?”

Soon after some more search I came to know that the other site i.e. “wordpress.org” is another part of the same organization and it instead of giving an online portal for blogging as is being done by “wordpress.com” gives us a zip file to download. This zip file contains in itself a site builder from which we can make our sites as we want..(this is what I think uptill now, and soon I am going to try out that too…)

And yes, now some link information… If you people use download managers and accelerators like me then you would like to download your zip file from

Download WordPress 2.9.1_3 from “download.cnet.com”

Enjoy Downloading !!!

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