GUI programming with c++

Since last few days, I was thinking of going to the next level of programming in c++. I had studied till only file handling, as it was in my syllabus…

So, I searched on the net using keywords from some java things I had studied, like using threads, gui programming.

Though the search on the threading parts wasn’t much useful, as I couldn’t understand a single word the sites were trying to tell me(It was quite easy in Java though), but GUI programming seemed to be understandable.

I soon learned that going on the next level wasn’t as easy as I thought. I will try to tell you what I could understand from what I had read:

Firstly, for GUI programming you would require the win32 API (Application Programming Interface) and to know more about them you can visit wikipedia

Secondly, the GUI (Graphic User Interface) programming needs a new set of libraries for the code to be used. Their are a whole lot of free libraries on net which include

and many more…

Of all these, what I found out was that the last link of Qt (pronounced as “cute”) was one of the most recommended platforms and was also said to be the most easy to learn.

Soon, I will also start learning Qt. Hope this post helped you in getting to some links for GUI programming…

And you can always use Java for some simple GUI applications but I don’t know why but I want to use something different…

So, Best of Luck for your GUI programming…

Do comment in case of any problem…

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