Google Code Jam 2010

The first round for The Google Code Jam was on the last Saturday (in my country, obviously).

It was to start at 6:30 in the morning. I had a good sleep till 9:00 AM. Got up, washed up, and checked for the WI-FI. (Yes, I have WI-FI in my hostel… hahaha), and It was there. I signed in and checked on the 1st question. Pretty easy!!! Thinking about it, I went to to do more clean up. And like all great people, I started thinking about it there. Buttt, unlike those great people, I got confused and could not shout- “EUREKAAA” there. I came back, read teh problem again, and went to have breakfast. NO,  was not thinking about the problem now, I didn’t want to get confused again… I came back, and solved the problem for some test cases and generalized a formula. ( I don’t remember it now, see my solution from the link below) Made the simple program in python, and submitted it…………  Accepted……….. “Yipeee” . Now, the large input. Downloaded, solved, but has 9997 lines rather than 10000 lines. Ran the program again. Time was running out, but python acted quite smooth, and I submitted my result before 6 minutes.

Now, The next question. I opted for 3rd one (coz, though it said hard, the accepted % was higher, what else do you expect me to choose ???…) That was also an easy one and got solved pretty soon. I read the rules again and found that I would qualify even if I solved only 1 question (and I had solved two…duuhhh). So, I quit running around and started having fun around the net.

Today I checked the result… My first Question was full correct……………………….. Couldn’t believe !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cleared the round 1……. YO, baby….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But the third questions large input problem didn’t get accepted… Maybe the python program made me a fool….

But no problem…. I got accepted…. Now, let’s see, I have the second round and my end semester exams on clashing dates… Wish for the best…

You can see the results on codejam

My user name is:       techie1991

I used language:        Python

My current rank is:  4774

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2 Comments on “Google Code Jam 2010”

  1. Jyoti Gupta Says:

    this one is nice!!!

  2. techmyway Says:

    @jyoti: Thanks.. 🙂
    now start reading some python 😛

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