A quick review of preprocessors in c++

The following code gives you a quick insight in the possible preprocessors of c++. I like to keep a copy of this.

#define MAX 100
#define MINE MAX*2
#define E_MS “This is an error message\n”
#define L_S “This is a long\
string and thus is extended”
#define ABS(i) (i)>0?i:-(i)

//when error directive encountered, compiling halts
//#error print this error message //don’t want to halt

//when in “”, look usually in current working directory
//if not found, search as if enclosed in <>
//#include “foo.cpp” //cause doesn’t exist
//in the manner of creator of compiler

//undefine the MACRO ME
#undef ME

/*A special preprocessor that I don’t wanna try to use
#line 100 “ask.cpp”
this preprocessor changes the values of macros __LINE__
and __FILE__ to100 and ask.cpp. __LINE__ identifier contains line
number of currently compiled line of code. __FILE__ identifier is a
string containing name of source file being compiled.

//#pragma is an implementation-defined directive that allows
//various instructions to be given to compiler.

#define str(i) #i
#define concat(a,b) a##b

int main(){
#if MAX==100
#elif MINE!=100
#ifdef MINE //if the macro is defined
#ifndef ME //if the macro is not defined
#define ME 300
printf(“I am not defined..\n”);
printf(str(I am great else\n));
return 0;

If anything not understood, feel free to comment in here…

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