PDF splitter

I have created a pdf-splitter fully written in python. The source code is uploaded on Google Code, and it is an open source application. I have used Tkinter to build it’s GUI.

The application’s general use in splitting large pdf files to small ones so that hey become handy and the requirements by them drop. This has seriously helped me in carrying my favorite ebooks on my mobile phone without much hassle.

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5 Comments on “PDF splitter”

  1. techmyway Says:

    A wiki page has also been added to guide you through the small process.
    Though the app gives all necessary details on the go, and the procedure as easy as breathing..!!
    But still, for helping those who have any questions. 🙂

    • nipun Says:

      U gotta add features for incorrect input etc.
      For eg

      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File “pdf.py”, line 44, in
      input_file=input_file_name(raw_input(‘Enter the file name ‘)+’.pdf’)
      File “pdf.py”, line 7, in input_file_name
      return pdf.PdfFileReader(file_name)
      File “/home/nipun/Downloads/version1.1/pyPdf/pdf.py”, line 374, in __init__
      File “/home/nipun/Downloads/version1.1/pyPdf/pdf.py”, line 702, in read
      stream.seek(-1, 2)
      AttributeError: ‘str’ object has no attribute ‘seek’

      This is what can happen.Plus considering making it a .deb

  2. avtobazar Says:

    Thanks – where is article source?

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