Exchange two numbers

I was just thinking of writing a C++ function for exchanging two numbers, with the difference that it should be able to clear all kinds of test cases. Here is the program.



using namespace std;

typedef unsigned int uint;

void xchange(uint *a1,uint *a2){
 if(a1==a2) return;
 if(a1==NULL || a2==NULL) return;
 uint tem;

int main(){
 uint a1,a2;
 cout<<a1<<" "<<a2<<"\n";
 cout<<a1<<" "<<a2<<"\n";
 return 0;

The function here checks first for any of the null addresses passed and moreover checks if the two numbers are same. If the numbers are same, we do not need to exchange the two numbers, thus saving us some valuable steps.

You might think that saving such pity steps won’t do any good, but think of this function. How many times do you think we may call this function in a program? Exchanging values is a very common task, so if we call this function even if only 4 times in a program and run that program 10 times a day on an average, then in an year, we are saving to call those 3 steps, 14600 times a year approx.

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