My little hack on Pidgin

I hope you have had the good luck of using one of the best IM-client available named pidgin. You can find a whole lot of posts around telling about why it’s good and all so I am skipping it.

Now, this post is not aimed at dragging you to use pidgin. It’s actually about one good thing I stumbled upon when using it.

Usually when I am chatting with people, I find myself using terms they sometimes don’t know. So, the next usual thing to be done is to ask them to go and google it. (duh!) Now, wouldn’t it be better to just give them a link directly.!

I was thinking of making a plugin myself for this which would keep an eye on what I write and replace it with google links as and when required. But it required time.!

Luckily, I found another plugin by default in Pidgin which does the job for me. I am using Pidgin 2.7.9

  • Go to Tools->Plugins
  • Find a plugin named Text Replacement 2.7.9
  • Enable it by clicking on the little check-box by it’s side
  • Now click on the Configure Plugin just below the whole list of plugins.
  • Fill: You type -> !google
  • Fill: You type ->
  • Un-check  (remove the tick) Only replace whole words
  • Check (tick it) exact case match
  • Click on Add

Now you have got a kind of Bot which would create links for you.. 🙂

How to use it:

  • When chatting let your query be “techmyway”
  • Type in !googletechmyway
  • Press enter (and the link gets inserted) voila! 🙂

OR (this is what happens in my case)

  • whenever you write “!google” it is automatically replaced with the link

Now here is the catch: the queries can only be single-worded. The space is not recognized in urls. You would have to use %20 instead of space character. Also, remember not to try to replace every space with %20, your whole chat can get messed up.!

Share the info if you like.

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